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Why use Pine Knoll Lawn Care Services?

Lawn care maintenance and treatment services since 1972. Pine Knoll was established in Branch County, Michigan based on the values of honesty, hard work, and motivation to do the very best job that people have come to expect for the past 46 years.  Ron & Penny Baird set out to raise a family, build relationships with our community, and instill ethics with the philosophy of doing things honestly and the right way while putting the needs of people first. 

In 1994 after working at Pine Knoll for several years and having been raised with the same values, Wayne Larimer purchased the business and has continued that tradition. We are confident from the years of lawn care and pest control experience and using an integrated pest management strategy, we can solve any issue you may have. Here at Pine Knoll, we give our customers the very best service, making sure that when we leave a project, we have completed it to the best of our ability. Knowing our customers by name and not being a number is a high priority.  Every day we take pride in how well your property looks, while not worrying about the number of lawns we do in a day. Our goal is to make sure we stay close to our roots and continue to serve our community with the values our present customers know and you as a future customer to be.

Services that we offer

    From a single application to an annual fertilization program. 
    The very best way to control crabgrass is with preventative applications. 
    Controlling broadleaf weeds from dandelions to the more aggressive hard to control weeds such as ground ivy, wild violets, and clover.
    Surface and subsurface insects feeding on the grassroots of your lawn can deteriorate the health or even kill the grass. 
    Fungus/Diseases attack lawns when there are susceptible hosts, the right environment, and a pathogen. 
    The damage caused by the two types of moles in lawns can happen overnight with devastating results.
    The benefits of aerating your lawn allows air to flow, eliminating compactions, and letting the nutrients and water to the grassroots be absorbed easily. 
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